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  • 2017-11-16 OIMT Meeting Notes
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16 November 2017



  • Feedback on the Nov. 6-10, 2017 OIMT & OTCC meeting

Discussion Items


London Dec. 4 - 8, 2017 meeting (Invited by ITU-T)

Future meeting planning

  • Liaison from MEF on MEF Modeling projects and their relationship with ONF TAPI.msg
    • The LS states that "In a subsequent phase the interested MEF and ONF representatives may agree the proper way to perform this joint collaboration (e.g. dedicated wiki at MEF and/or ONF, periodic calls, etc."
      • Need to work out how to collaborate
    • Need to schedule time to joint discuss with OTCC/TAPI on the comments
      • Andrea, Karthik, Lyndon, Nigel, Bernd, Kam to work off line via email for initial material for a LS response

Action Item - Kam: To create a liaison statement (LS) wiki page for collecting incoming and outgoing statements.

 Meeting FeedbackAll

Feedback of Nov.6-10 OIMT & OTCC meeting

  • Action item - Andrea: Update the meeting notes on OAM
  • Telecom Infra Project ( TIP) presentation:
    • Rod: On the use of the ONF Core Model (conceptual) and TAPI model (implementation) in OOLS, (1) where is the TAPI interface being used in TIP, (2) what is the difference between the Core model and TAPI models in the TIP interface
      • TAPI is used in the interface between the Service Application and the L0 Power Controller
      • Core model is the conceptual model guides the design of TAPI model; TAPI is the implementation model.
IM-E  Not scheduled
IM-F  Not scheduled

Action Items