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  • 2017-11-02 OIMT Meeting Notes
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02 November 2017



  • To prepare for the ONF Interim and CORD BUILD meetings
  • To progress the v1.4 work items, including Lifecycle, layer examples, UML-TOSCA mapping 
  • To discuss the WT Spec model sketch and TAPI topics

Discussion Items


v1.3 approval status

  • Timon informed that TR-512 v1.3 should be published as Informational with approval from the Project TST (i.e., OIMT TST) and published on Wiki
  • The group agreed that we need to push back on this decision. The previous versions (v1.0, v1.1, & v1.2) of TR-512 were published as TR . Publishing on the Wiki will lose the TR status. The V1.3 should be approved as a TR, despite approving from the OIMT TST, and published on the ONF library (on the ONF main webpage
  • AI - Nigel/Kam: Talk to Timon next week to get clarity

ONF meeting logistic & agenda plan

  • AI - Kam: ping Cassandra to see if ONF will fund the Monday & Friday lunch and coffee. (ONF did provide lunch last time) DONE
  • The agenda plan was discussed and updated in v06 oimt2017.KL.001.06.nov-agenda-plan.
    • TIP sharing session moved to Friday
    • Add CMCC sharing of its TAPI test result and suggestion. Friday
  • Presentations
    • Wednesday 4 topics
    • Demo at the Science Fair booths
      • IM booth
        • P&R demo (Nigel)
      • TAPI booth
        • UML-YANG demo (Bernd)
          • Bernd kindly agreed to prepare and present at the booth although it is rather late for him to prepare. Will use material from the TAPI SDK.PPTX slides deck (slides 33 on)
          • Light demo, not presentation
    • AI - Nigel/Bernd/Kam/Karthik/Lyndon: to prepare for the presentation slides

London Meeting logistic

  • The meeting venue has changed to meeting room Z4 at the Shoreditch Meeting Rooms in Zetland Housee, 5-25 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4HU, UK
    • This building is about one block away from the Ciena site that was listed in the earlier logistics file. It will not affect the choice of hotels suggested in the original logistics file, nor destination underground stations
  • ITU-T member attendees can obtain the logistic file directly from
    • AI - Kam: Send the logistic file to the registered attendees. DONE
 v1.4 work itemsNigel/Kam

Resource Lifecycle model

  • Malcolm shared a sketch to show the context of the resource lifecycle
    • Resource in the implementation platform are represented (modeled) in two aspects
      • Equipment/Software representation (model artefacts)
      • Functional representation
    • Critical for consideration is the lifecycle state of the function artefacts (object instance) at aggregation
      • Its state is also related to the HW/SW artiefacts


IM-EWT Spec modelMartin/Nigel

Martin provided the plan of the WT model regarding moving from v1.2-based to v1.3-based:

  • Will take v1.3 Core model, prune and refactor a little bit (lite P&R). This is scheduled for December.
  • The initial v1.3-based WT model is already on Centennial github, but need to further update (in Dec.) so that Karthik can use it.
  • The technology-specific pacs will attached to Layer Protocol via the TAPI Spec
    • In the Pacs, there are attributes called list, which is not according to the UML guidelines
 TAPI topicsKarthik/Nigel

No discussed as Karthik has no video connectivity to the call

IM-Fv1.4 work itemsXiang

Layer examples:

  • Xiang presented the layer example slide deck (onf2017.202.04.XY_LayerExamples20171023)
    • This has been updated based on the input from Malcolm and Nigel, including a LAG example
  • Comments from discussion:
    • Comment: Slide 15: Need to insert a B-Tag between the I-TAG and BMAC
    • Comment: Slide 16, remove the VLAN part to be consistent with the title (intent) of the example, i.e., Ethernet over MPLS-TP


    • Comment: slide 17 LAG
      • Need to show the association between the ETYn LTP and ETYn_CI LTP, which represent the Inverse multiplexing

      • TR-512.4 Figure 4.38 highlights the association
    • Comment: slide 10 regarding diagram symbol
      • Check the diagram key in TR-512.1 (section 6.2 Figure 6.1) to validate what have been used in the layer examples.
      • Try to follow the existing symbol keys. New keys could be added if the existing symbol keys cannot adequately support the examples
  • Agreed that these are good examples
  • AI - Xiang: add support text for the examples; aim to do this in this month; target for TR-512.A.6;
      • do a trial on one slide first
  • AI - Nigel: Send instruction to Xiang

Action Items