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  • 2017-09-21 IM Meeting Notes
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21 September 2017



  • To progress the spec models

Discussion Items

 WT approachKarthik/Martin
  • Discussion on the approach to WT layering
  • Agreed that there need to be spec models for wireless and that this will be done by WT in the context of the Tapi work
  • Noted that OT IM should develop and publish the spec models
  • Target currently for formal spec model is first half next year
  • Nigel noted that it should not be hard to develop this
  • Karthik warned that there may be Tapi PoC participants who want to apply the interface to wireless and they will go ahead and develop their own models
  • Nigel suggested that it would be easy to migrate the pac models to specs
  • Nigel proposed we use time in OTIM next week
  • Karthik gave an overview of teh ODU model in the context of the TAPI model.
  • Karthik described the OduDefectPac which includes a bolean for the state of each detected condition
  • Nigel noted that there is an asymmetric consideration wrt the state changes of the alarms compared to protection switc
  • Karthik noted that TAPI is moving towards a telemetry
  • Martin asked whether it is necessary to get all booleans to determine that the system is problem free
  • Discussion intermittency and multi state detectors

Action Items

  • ~kamlam: Add to OTIM agenda to discuss rapid construction of WT Spec models for use in PoCs.