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  • 2017-09-14 OIMT Meeting Notes
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14 September 2017



  • Administrative, TR-512 v1.3, TR-512 v1.4, Spec models for ODU, OTSi, & Ethernet

Discussion Items



3-4 PT

TR-512 v1.3 final pass through 
  • Nigel is finalizing the deliverable
    • Nigel is updating the Gendoc
    • Will fix cross references (making them relative – involves editing the XML under the .docx structure)
    • Will do a bit of model tidy up
    • Will fix the document dates to September
    • Will generate the documents in .pdf format
  • Then to construct the deliverable package
    • Nigel to provide a spot check list to Kam
    • Aim to be available on next Monday
  • Nigel hasn't responded back to all the reviewers yet
    • Will make the response available to all
    • Some of the comments will be addressed in v1.4
TR-512 v1.3 publication mechanism 
  • Will send a heads up email to Timon,
    • Nigel will provide update to Kam's draft email
      • Will ask Timon the approval process
      • Will note that v1.3 is an update to v1.2, not brand new
    • Aim to send the heads up email by today
  • Aim to send the final package to Timon on next Tuesday
Face-to-face meeting logistic 
  • London meeting building has limited capacity
  • Kam sent doodle poll on Sep. 12 to check how many will attend
  • So far 10 people responded, expect more
  • Will close the poll on September 26.
  • Malcolm noted that the meeting logistic needs to be finalized by Oct 4 the latest, according to ITU-T rule
    • Malcolm to check the actual rule and get back to Kam/Nigel
  • Nigel noted that the current planned location is under renovation
    • He is also looking for a contingency location in London in case the renovation work cannot complete in time for the meeting
OIMT Wiki page structure 
  • Aim to have similar structure as IISOMI
  • There is difficulty in deleting unwanted wiki page
  • A "Trash" page have been created, which is to collect all the unwanted pages those will be deleted by Cassandra (not the trash page itself)
  • Please move the unwanted page into the Trash page
Feedback on UberConference 


5-6 PT

ODU Spec m6del 

Not discussed

OTSi Spec model 
  • One additional item, will come back
Ethernet Spec model 
  • Kam noted that Thorsten has posted the WT Ethernet PHY model at
    • It will be discussed at the Sept. 26 OTIM call.

  • Discussed Karthik's Ethernet Spec model.

    • Look for input from Andrea from MEF perspective
    • Agreed to add Eth as prefix to the TrafficConditioningPac, TrafficShapingPac, and ConnectionPointAnd...Pac
    • Martin: how about statistics, such as packages
    • In ConnectionnPointAndAdpterPac
      • actorxx, partner, dataRate and other belong to only LAG (see G.8052 LAG model). They should be optional.. They should be as per TrafficShaping
        • (amended by Kam: should be per LAG under ETY, not trafficShaping; to be verified).
    • AggregationPortSource and ...Sink should be made a pac and should be added as optional under the EtyTerminationPac
    • The ITU-T model appears to allow two admin states on a bidirectional aggregation
    • We discussed the bi/sink/source structure in ITU-T models. There was no specific conclusion but the team clearly not all comfortable with the absence of that structuring from the spec model
      • It is clear that it will be necessary to provide a detailed explanation of the rationale that can be referred to in future.
    • Andrea suggested that source and sink assembly is not sufficient for bidirectional case
    • The LTP/NEP that has a 1:1 association with the physical world could have an association to a physical connector
      • The physical connector should not be associated with the pac


7-8 PT


TR-512 v1.4 work item 
  • Andrea accepted leadership of the OAM work item
  • Andrea agreed to participate in the operation patterns
  • Bernd agreed to participate in P&R Methodology
  • Agreed start dates for some activities
  • Kam to poll for participants in Equipment work

Action Items

  • Nigel Davis: Prepare a detailed justification for the refactoring of the sink/source structure of the ITU-T model into a flat model in the spec.
  • ~kamlam: Chase people to join the equipment activity.
  • Nigel Davis: Ask Chris H when he can start an activity from his leadership.
  • ~kamlam: Add planning page to core model page. Done, see Planning & Work Items