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(Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction)


Flexible and agile service adaptation at the cost of commodity servers and whitebox switches VOLTHA introduces the next-generation optical access system architecture, based on SDN/NFV technologies. Disaggregating PON functions to functional modules with open interfaces supports the CORD vision for open source reference implementations to service "Access-as-a-Service" use cases.   VOLTHA  is a virtual OLT hardware abstraction component that supports the CORD Project objective of multi-vendor, multi-domain "any broadband access as a service" reference implementation for the Central Office. VOLTHA provides isolation between an abstract (vendor agnostic) PON management system, and a set of vendor-specific and white-box PON hardware devices. On its north-bound interface, VOLTHA provides a set of abstract APIs which north-bound systems can interact with the PON networks.  On its south-bound side, VOLTHA communicates with PON hardware devices using vendor-specific protocols and protocol extensions through adapters.

The documentation of VOLTHA is located here:

Key People and Communication Channels

Technical Steering Team (TST)

The Technical Steering Team is the group of people responsible for the technical direction of the project. As of July 2022, the VOLTHA TST consists of the following members:

TST Elections

Next Election Dates

June 2023: Nominations and voting list creation - 3 seats up for election
July 2023: Voting 

View 2023 TST Election Details

June 2024: Nominations and voting list creation - 3 seats up for election
July 2024: Voting

Voting eligibility

First, make sure you are on the voting list. All contributors (code, tests, documentation, leadership) to the VOLTHA project to date are eligible to vote. If you are not on the list but feel you should be, send a note to Michelle Roth <> with your name, email, and reason for being included.

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are the preferred way to get in touch with the project members with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.


TST Meetings

NOTE: these meetings are PUBLIC and often RECORDED. The recordings can be found on YouTube: 


  • VOLTHA JIRA Project - Project here
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