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ONF Use Case Steering Team (UCST) 



  • UCST is responsible for identifying and prioritizing use-cases that will be developed into solutions within the ONF-led projects (in the UCST context the term “use case” can also mean a demo or PoC).
  • The primary role of the UCST is to work with the operators to prioritize the use cases most important to member operators. The development work of the ONF community will be prioritized on those use cases.
  • Some of the work done by the UCST:
    • Receive proposals for use cases
    • Actively drive debate on the merit and priority of the use cases
    • Help shape use cases to have the most impact
    • Own/maintain the priority list of use cases and the process for its evolution
    • Ensure each use case has operator support - preferably multiple operators for each use case
    • Own finding the product owner for each use case  that is prioritized so that as the use case gets worked on, it has a product owner to prioritize work and guide the vision for the end result
    • Work with ONF to find the engineering leader and to set up brigades

Current Members (as of April 1, 2018):


ONFAseem Parikh (Co-Chair)
ComcastYiu Lee (Co-Chair)


Tom Anschutz

China Unicom

Wei Zhou


Hans-Jörg Kolbe


Anees Shaikh


Hiroki Okui

Turk TelekomMemiş Akkuş 
MicrosoftZaid Ali Khan
TelefonicaAlfonso Carrillo
CienaLyndon Ong
RadisysPrakash Siva


Additionally, Timon Sloane and Uyen Chau represent the ONF community as observers. 


UCST Documents, Presentations & Meeting Notes: 

  1. UCST Use Case Template (MS-WORD)
  2. UCST Use Case Template (PDF)


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