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  • If you want to stay up to date with latest Ambassador news or you simply want to contact other Ambassadors, make sure to subscribe to the Ambassadors mailing list
  • Ambassador Program Steering Team Monthly Meeting

    The A-Team holds a meeting every month. The meeting is for the A-Team, but anyone can listen in. Details on when and how to join the meeting and notes of past meetings can be found here

  • Getting Started: Ambassadors Warm-Up Plan

Once you've joined the program, here are 3 activities to get you started as an Ambassador

  • Budget Request Process

In some instances, Ambassadors can file a budget request to help fund a specific activity/event they're driving. 

  • Presentation slide decks and templates

Here's a collection (updated regularly) of great slides decks and templates (Google Doc) you can use, re-use and hack at will for your event.

  • Topics and ideas for talks

If you plan to give a talk or lead a workshop about ONOS or CORD, here's a list of recommended topics and ideas.

  • Print-collateral and Videos

In this section, you can find print-collateral and videos you can easily download for your event. NB: If you want to design your own collateral, make sure to follow our mini style guide here

  • Skills Development Webinars

Under construction....

  • Tips for public speaking:

Here's a great roundup of free/cheap webinars aimed at communicators for nonprofits.

  • Learning Resources

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has put together a useful page with great resources on SDN. Very useful for polishing up your knowledge before conference attending/presenting!

  • Ambassador email alias

Once Ambassadors have officially joined the program, they can request an Ambassador alias (ie. and/or ). To request your alias, please send an email to or depending on which domain you want, and specificy what you would like your alias to be. It will be generated for you within 48 hours. 

  • Event Debrief Template

This is a template Ambassadors are encouraged to use to debrief other Ambassadors about an event they attended or an activity they participated in. Just copy/pase this template in an email and fill out each field. See template here. 

  • Ambassadors Portal

The official portal of the Ambassadors program can be found here: . All Ambassadors have a login sent to them once they have joined the program so that they can create/update their profile page and use the Ambassadors Events calendar. For instructions on how to edit your profile and events on the portal, click here.

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