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Stratum is building an open, minimal, production-ready distribution for white box switches.  Stratum exposes a set of next-generation SDN interfaces including P4Runtime and OpenConfig, enabling interchangeability of forwarding devices and programmability of forwarding behaviors. Stratum is working on delivering a complete open source white box switch solution to deliver on the ‘software defined’ promise of SDN.

Stratum is currently in the incubation phase, and the source code, along with some documentation and mailing lists, are only available to Stratum members. Anyone (companies or individuals) can become a member.

Here are a number of pointers to resources that can help you get started understanding Stratum:

The Stratum Project Calendar (join a TST call or come to a meeting):

How to Join the Mailing List Stratum-announce

Step 1: Fill in the form:

Step 2: Click the link in the confirmation email
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