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  • Special Cases for Expedited Budget Approvals
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In the interest of speeding things up for some “special cases” where an A-Team member feels strongly about sponsoring an Ambassador’s activity, the A-Team has create a process for “special cases” whereby an A-Team member can approve a budget request without submitting it to team voting. 

This is based on the assumption that if an A-Team member believes an ambassador should receive a specific budget to run/attend a specific event, it most certainly means that this event is worthwhile. Here is how the process works: 

Step 1: A-Team member identifies event and ambassador to attend this event

Step 2: A-Team member informs A-Team of the event by email and confirms that he/she supports the event by writing  “I recommend approval of this budget as a special case". 

Step 3: A-Team has a 24 hour deadline to flag concerns

Step 4: (if no concerns are flagged): Ambassador can file budget request and A-Team member requesting special case must write a comment in the JIRA issue specifying "This is a special case approved by the A-Team on DD/MM/YY".  

Step 4: (if concerns are flagged): budget request needs to be subject to standard voting procedure

NB: special cases are only allowed for budgets under $1500 USD. All other budget requests must be submitted to team voting. 

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