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SD-RAN is ONF's new exemplar platform for 3GPP compliant software-defined RAN that is consistent with the O-RAN architecture. It is cloud-native and is built on ONF's well-established, operator-approved, and deployed platforms, such as ONOS and Aether. Starting with an ONOS-based RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), the exemplar platform aims to develop open source components for the control and user planes of the Central Unit and the Distributed Unit of the disaggregated RAN in close coordination with the O-RAN Alliance and O-RAN Software Community.

ONF’s SD-RAN will leverage the O-RAN architecture and vision for the nRT-RIC.  SD-RAN will implement an open source nRT-RIC (called µONOS-RIC) and exemplar xApps including implementations for handover and load balancing (and more), and will then prototype and work with operators to trial combinations of these open components with vendor proprietary (or other open versions) of RU/DU/CU, RIC and xApps.

Internally, the ONF SD-RAN team works closely with partners to define and develop not just the RIC, but the entire SD-RAN solution.

This involves work in the following areas

  • O-RAN compliant interfaces E2, O1, A1 and protocols ASN.1, SCTP, NETCONF etc
  • Maintain clustered micro-ONOS architecture for HA and Performance
  • Work beyond the RIC and develop e2e SD-RAN solution
    •   Requires integration with 3rd party xApp vendors 
    •   Develop SDK that makes xApps portable across RIC implementations
    •   Requires integration with 3rd party CU/DU vendors
    •   Develop ONF’s own O-RAN compliant RU/CU/DU to serve as exemplar
    •   Develop ONF’s own O-RAN compliant Ran-Simulator for scale testing
    •   Develop SDRAN-in-a-Box, a complete e2e solution for dev/test & reference
  • Contribute learnings of new SMs and app-sdk back to O-RAN and OSC
  • SD-RAN solution releases every quarter / Regression test suites on physical test-pods
  • QA/Interop lab with DT O-RAN Open Test and Integration Center (OTIC) in Berlin
  • Hardening & operationalization towards Lab & Field-trials with partner operators

Press Release - ONF Announces New 5G SD-RAN Project

Blog - ONF Commits to Supporting O-RAN Alliance

SD-RAN v1.0 Techinar

Read the white paper.

Key People & Communication Channels

Technical Steering Team (TST)

The Technical Steering Team is the group of people responsible for the technical direction of the project. As of April 2022, the SD-RAN TST consists of the following members:

Mailing List

Join sdran-announce mailing list if you are only interested in project announcements.

Join sdran-dev mailing list if you are interested in developer discussions. For technical questions and discussion, we highly recommend posting to the mailing lists, where the entire community can benefit from the answer. 

TST email: (NOTE: technical questions should be asked on the developer mailing list first, as the community can assist with answering and others can also benefit from your question. The TST email is for escalated inquiries / governance questions)

Slack Channel

Community/Project Meetings

Google Drive (Public folder)

Participate & Contribute


To contribute to SD-RAN, both individuals and companies are required to submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  

Jira Board


The set of repos that constitute a release can be found in the Release Notes for each release on our Documentation site (see below). A few key repos are listed here


We expect all ONF employees, member companies, and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify a member of the ONF team or email

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