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SD-RAN is ONF's new exemplar platform for 3GPP compliant software-defined RAN that is consistent with the O-RAN architecture. It is cloud-native and is built on ONF's well-established, operator-approved and deployed platforms, such as ONOS and Aether. Starting with an ONOS-based RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), the exemplar platform aims to develop open source components for the control and user planes of the Central Unit and the Distributed Unit of the disaggregated RAN in close coordination with the O-RAN Alliance and O-RAN Software Community.

Licensing Notice & Member-Only Access Process & Trailing Open Source 

Up until the v1.2 release, SD-RAN has only been available to ONF members under the ONF Member-Only License. Since the 1.2 release, the SD-RAN project will move from the Incubation Phase into the Partner Commercialization Phase (as defined in the License). In moving into the Commercialization Phase, ONF partners are eligible to build products and offer services as outlined under the License terms.

Only ONF members in good standing are allowed access to the project repositories for latest code (master). We strongly recommend you review the ONF Member-Only Software License,  License Overview,  and Licensing & IPR FAQ before requesting access. Requesting access will initiate your company’s 90 day grace period and notify your company's primary contactIf you wish to be granted access to the repository, please email and request access. 

Additionally, the SD-RAN project will start to open source trailing releases. Now that v1.2 has been released to members, v1.1 will be released as open source under Apache 2.0. This trailing release policy will continue as new releases come out in the future. The intention is to enable ONF Members to start to build commercialized offerings based on the latest member-only code, with assurance that the code will become open source in a reasonable timeframe. To learn more about the details of which activities are permitted under the ONF Member-Only License, please see the License FAQ. The SD-RAN v1.1 release can be viewed here


Read the white paper.

You can join the announcements mailing list to stay up-to-date on the SD-RAN project here

Project Resources

The following resources are publicly available and open to all (members and non-members)

Mailing List

Join sdran-announce mailing list if you are only interested in project announcements

Join sdran-dev mailing list if you are interested in developer discussions

Slack Channel

Community/Project Meetings

Google Drive (Public folder)

We expect all ONF employees, member companies, and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify a member of the ONF team or email

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