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If you plan to give a talk or lead a workshop about ONF projects, here's a list of recommended topics and ideas:

  • Access Network Redesign

  • A-CORD: An Analytics and Monitoring Framework

  • Adaptive Flow Monitoring & Selective DPI for ONOS

  • CORD Controller

  • Demystifying the ONOS Northbound Interface

  • Developing Apps with ONOS

  • Disaggregate & Virtualized RAN

  • Disaggregated Virtualized EPC

  • Driving standards from code

  • E-CORD Services

  • Enterprise CORD: Smart Pipes in the Metro

  • Investigating New Services for GÉANT Using Open Networking Operating System

  • M-CORD Overview

  • Migrating AmLight from Legacy to SDN: Challenges, Results and Next Steps

  • Multi-Layer Performance Based Path Computation Engine Enhancements to ONOS Controller for SD WAN Packet Optical Integration

  • NETCONF and YANG integration in ONOS Southbound Interface

  • ONOS and OpenDaylight: Crossing the Chasm

  • ONOS-Based Services: vOLT and vRouter

  • ONOS Lightning Talk: VTN and SFC Implementation in ONOS

  • ONOS Web UI

  • R-CORD Sizing and Deployment Scenarios

  • Scalable vSG Performance

  • Service Composition in CORD

  • Service Models

  • Switching Fabric in CORD

  • System testing

  • Taking SDN / OpenFlow to your home—Powering content delivery with OpenFlow, ONOS and PicOS

  • Third-Party Services

  • YANG Model Support in ONOS SDN Controller

  • Yang Model Vision and Practice in China Unicom

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