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P4 Integrated Network Stack (PINS) is an industry collaboration bringing SDN capabilities and P4 programmability to traditional routing devices that rely on embedded control protocols (like BGP). Specifically, this project uses P4 to model the SAI pipeline, adds externally programmable extensions to the pipeline and introduces P4Runtime as a new control plane interface for controlling the pipeline.

Read more at PINS webpage. PINS design documents will be available as part of the SONiC documentation.

PINS is open source and available under the Apache 2.0 open source license as part of the SONiC project.

To join the ONF PINS working group, companies are required to submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and a PINS Project Participant agreement.

To learn more, join the PINS community at sonic-pins-subgroup.  You can also review the PINS tutorial to learn the basics or view a video which highlights the PINS architecture, design and features presented by Google, Intel, and ONF.

Key People and Communication Channels

Project Leads

Mailing Lists

Slack Channel

Community/Project Meetings

  • Member's Only weekly working group calls are on Wednesdays for PINS members. Public community calls will begin later in 2021.

Google Drive

Participate & Contribute


To contribute to PINS, both individuals and companies are required to submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  

Jira Board


The set of repos that constitute a release can be found in the Release Notes for each release on our Documentation site (see below). A few key repos are listed here


  • Documentation site 

We expect all ONF employees, member companies, and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify a member of the ONF team or email

Having trouble getting started? First, reach out to the mailing list or Slack team. If you still have questions or concerns, please email

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