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P4 TST Charter



Akarsh GuptaCode contributor
Amedeo SapioCode contributor
Amresh KulkarniCode contributor
Ben PlaffCode contributor
Brian O'ConnorCode contributor
Carl GeoffrionCode contributor
Chiennan LinCode contributor
Chris DoddCode contributor
Daniele MoroCode contributor
Darius GrassiCode contributor
David KisCode contributor
Dusan BrajovicCode contributor
Dusan KrdzicCode contributor
Emanuele GalloneCode contributor
Fernando RamosCode contributor
Gabor RetvariCode contributor
Glenn GibbCode contributor
Grzegorz JereczekCode contributor
Han WangCode contributor
Hemant SinghCode contributor
Jakub NerudaCode contributor
Jed LiuCode contributor
Jonathan Di LorenzoCode contributor
Judy SnowCode contributor
Jurij NotaCode contributor
KatreCode contributor
Konstantin WeitzCode contributor
Matej VidoCode contributor
Maximilian PudelkoCode contributor
Mehmet EmreCode contributor
Michal KekelyCode contributor
Mickey SpiegelCode contributor
Mihai BudiuCode contributor
Milica PericCode contributor
Nex SabreCode contributor
Nik SultanaCode contributor
Omar AlamaCode contributor
Peter J. LiCode contributor
Peter VorosCode contributor
Petro BratashCode contributor
Rachel EvermanCode contributor
Radostin StoyanovCode contributor
Ravi VantipalliCode contributor
Richard YuCode contributor
Robert J. HalsteadCode contributor
Ryan DoengesCode contributor
Sandor LakiCode contributor
Sayan BandyopadhyayCode contributor
Steve KingCode contributor
Tamas LevaiCode contributor
Thomas DreibholzCode contributor
Tomas Zavodnik Code contributor
Tomasz OsinskiCode contributor
Usha GuptaCode contributor
Vitalii ShuperCode contributor
Vojtěch Havel Code contributor
Yi TsengCode contributor
Yunhe LiuCode contributor
Amin VahdatAdvisory Board/TST
Nate FosterAdvisory Board/TST/WG chair
Nick McKeownAdvisory Board
Guru ParulkarAdvisory Board
Jennifer RexfordAdvisory Board
Andy FingerhutTST/WG Chair
Stefan HeuleTST
Robert SouleTST
Mihai BudiuWG Chair (Language Design)
Antonin BasWG Chair (API)
Steffen SmolkaWG Chair (API)
Gordon BrebnerWG Chair (Architecture )
Andy FingerhutWG Chair (Architecture)
Mukesh HiraWG Chair (Applications)
J K LeeWG Chair (Applications
Noa ZilbermanWG Chair  (Education)
Fernando RamosWG Chair  (Education)


2021 Timeline
September 10Voting list compiled
September 23Open nominations. Notify community of upcoming vote, so members have an opportunity to amend information on voting list if incorrect and make nominations
September 30Reminders
October 1Close nominations
October 4Send out election ballot; voting begins
October 15First round of voting ends
October 18Runoff Election opened for voting if required, or new members announced if runoff not required
October 22If runoff takes place, new TST members announced for 2021 term
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