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P4 TST Charter



Aashlesha PatilCode contributor
Amresh KulkarniCode contributor
anasyrmiaCode contributor
Antonin BasCode contributor
Ben LewisCode contributor
Brad CowieCode contributor
Brian O'ConnorCode contributor
chenxiaoqinoCode contributor
Chris DoddCode contributor
Chris SommersCode contributor
David GengenbachCode contributor
Dushyant YadavCode contributor
Eileen FengCode contributor
Florian KlinkCode contributor
fruffyCode contributor
Gianni AntichiCode contributor
Han WangCode contributor
Harsh GondaliyaCode contributor
Hemant SinghCode contributor
Jan PalimąkaCode contributor
Jed LiuCode contributor
Konstantin WeitzCode contributor
LukaCode contributor
Mario BaldiCode contributor
Marko StanojlovicCode contributor
Mary ThengvallCode contributor
matijasyrmiaCode contributor
Maximilian PudelkoCode contributor
Mickey SpiegelCode contributor
Mykola FarymaCode contributor
nikkytubCode contributor
PollyCode contributor
Prathima KotikalapudiCode contributor
Rachel EvermanCode contributor
Radostin StoyanovCode contributor
Ramesh SivakolunduCode contributor
Robert LyttonCode contributor
Sayan BandyopadhyayCode contributor
Shouxi LuoCode contributor
Shu-Chun WengCode contributor
Stefan HeuleCode contributor
Steffen SmolkaCode contributor
Steve IbanezCode contributor
Sylvain AfchainCode contributor
Tomasz OsinskiCode contributor
Tu DangCode contributor
Vladimir GurevichCode contributor
Xin Zhe KhooiCode contributor
Yi TsengCode contributor
Yunhe LiuCode contributor
Zhao MaCode contributor
Zhi ChenCode contributor
Amin VahdatTST
Guru ParulkarTST
Jen RexfordTST
Nate FosterTST
Nick McKeownTST
Andy FingerhutWG Co-Chair
J K LeeWG Co-Chair
Mihai BudiuWG Co-Chair
Noa ZilbermanWG Co-Chair
Robert SouléWG Co-Chair
Waqar MohsinWG Co-Chair
Mukesh HiraWG Co-Chair


2020 Timeline
August 2020Voting list compiled
August 17Open nominations. Notify community of upcoming vote so members have an opportunity to amend information on voting list if incorrect and make nominations
August 26Reminders
September 7Close nominations
September 10Send out vote
September 25First round of voting ends
September 28Runoff Election Opened For Voting if required or new members announced if runoff not required
October 9If Runoff takes place new TST members Announced for 2021 term
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