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ONF members are eligible to receive a number of marketing benefits intended to help organizations who are participating in ONF activities.

Please refer to the ONF Membership Info page on our website for more information.

Some of the Marketing Benefits are outlined below:

Benefits at the Partner level (also receive benefits of Member level)

  • ONF Partner Level Association
  • Annual marketing planning strategy session

Benefits at the Member level

  • ONF Member Association
  • Opportunity to feature products in ONF's Marketplace 
  • Opportunity to participate in the Continuous Certification Program
  • Right to use ONF, ONOS and CORD project logos on: Member’s sites, Company collateral, Events signage and promotion, Products and product collateral for those products that have passed appropriate ONF accredited certification testing (within the bounds of the ONF Trademark Usage Guidelines)
  • Opportunity to participate in Member Showcases to demonstrate technology innovations at key industry events
  • Press Release Support from ONF that would include announcing ONF Membership and project participation, supporting quotes from ONF exec team, support promoting key product innovations related to ONF projects
  • Cross-promotion of Member ONF-related announcements on ONF social channels
  • May contribute vendor-neutral blog posts on ONF/Project websites and social media channels (subject to ONF approval)

Benefits as a Collaborator 

  • Company logo listed on the ONF website and relevant project page (CORD, ONOS, etc.)
  • Other Marketing and PR activities at ONF’s discretion, and generally limited to promotion of specific PoCs where Collaborator has made significant contributions

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