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  • Integrating Ambassador Email Address into Gmail or Other Email Accounts
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All Ambassadors are eligible to request a custom email address in the form of <yourname> To request one, please email to indicating what would you like <yourname> to be and what is the forwarding email address.

After your custom email address has been set up, you can integrate it to your Gmail account. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to add your ambassador email to your Gmail account.

Adding email alias in Gmail

Step 0. Open 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) in Google.

Step 1. Open Gmail Settings, switch to "Account and Import" tab, in "Send mail as" section click "Add another email address".

Step 2. In add email window, enter your name and your custom ambassador email address, check "Treat as an alias".

Step 3. Fill SMTP information, use as SMTP server here, and fill in your Gmail account in username field and 2FA password in password field.

Step 4. Check your mailbox, and find confirmation code in Gmail confirmation email.

Step 5. Congratulations, you are ready to send email from this email address!

Adding email alias in other email clients

Step 0. Add Google Apps one-time password

Enter Google Account Console, generate a one-time password with "mail" app and "Mac" device, device option doesn't matter, just a description for this password.

Step 1. Open email client of your preference, "AirMail" for example here.

SMTP server:

Username: <your_gmail_account>

Password: <Google_APP_Password_you_generated>

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