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The Ambassadors Program governance structure consists of four main groups:

  1. Steering Team members (A-Team)
  2. Mentors 
  3. Advisors
  4. Ambassadors

Ambassadors Steering Team (aka A-team)

The A-Team is the Ambassadors Program's 5-member body that oversees and manages the program. The A-Team is tasked to ensure that the Ambassadors program runs smoothly and that Ambassadors are fully supported. 

Comprised of staff and volunteers, the A-Team has the following duties and functions:

  • review and accept/reject applications to the program
  • onboard, mentor and assist Ambassadors worldwide
  • oversee and support Ambassador activities 
  • oversee the program’s finances 
  • oversee the production and distribution of swag
  • oversee nomination and process to elect new A-Team members
  • resolve disputes
  • serve as advisors in strategic decision-making at the organizational level

As of February 14th 2019, the members of the Ambassadors Steering Team are: 

  • Andrea Campanella
  • Alexis Munyandekwe

  • Jian-Hao Chen
  • Jian Li
  • Murat Parlakisik

Electing members of the A-Team

    1. Formation of the A-Team. The A-Team is formed by 5 Elected Members.

    2. Term. Each Elected Member, unless otherwise agreed by a majority of the A-Team, shall be elected to serve for a term of one (1) year, or until his or her earlier resignation or removal.

    3. Election. An election is held twice per year and is aligned with ONOS election (Q1) and CORD election (Q3). Half of the member (two people) will be replaced in each election. In the event that any Elected Member seat becomes vacant prior to the distribution of nominations for the next election, more than one (1) month prior to the next planned election, the A-Team may call for elections for any such seat.
    4. Nomination procedureAny community member can nominate an active ambassador, including himself or herself, as a candidate of the election. The candidate needs to provide a brief introduction about his/her background and experience of the Ambassador Program.
    5. Voting eligibility. Any community member who is eligible to vote for the TST member is eligible to vote for A-team member as well.
    6. Voting procedure. The voting procedure will be the same as ONOS/CORD TST.
    7. Amendment. The amendment of this election process will be effective if and only if it is agreed by a majority of the A-Team.

Ambassadors bi-weekly meetings

The A-Team meets every month. Details on how to join the meeting and notes of past meetings can be found here


Mentors are experienced Ambassadors who provide mentorship to Ambassadors who have just joined the program. 

Mentors are responsible for:

  • Helping their "mentees" become familiar with the Ambassadors Program and their responsibilities
  • Assessing their level of technical expertise and providing them tutorials on a particular area of the ONOS/CORD project (when applicable)
  • Monitoring the progress of their "mentees" and being their key contact person
  • Providing feedback to the A-Team


Ambassador Advisors are individuals who are not active ambassadors themselves but who advise Ambassadors when their help is solicited. In particular, they provide technical guidance to Ambassadors who want to brush up their knowledge of a particular area of the ONOS/CORD project. 

To become an advisor, you must contact the A-Team directly at 


Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about ONOS/CORD, who want to promote the ONOS/CORD project in their region and who want to build a strong local community around it. When joining the program, an ONOS/CORD Ambassador agrees to take on some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • represent the ONOS/CORD team locally
  • promote the ONOS/CORD project and our mission
  • inspirerecruit and support new contributors
  • document clearly all his/her activities

Ambassador Lifecycle

To see a detailed description of the different phases of the Ambassadors Program, click here

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