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ONF has created an innovative Continuous Certification (CC) Program to augment the CI/CD process. Supply chain vendors are able to embed their products for ongoing test and compliance certification with ONF's open source software projects. 

ONF is responding to member and market needs to reimagine certification testing in the age of Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) and cloud software development. ONF projects incorporate a continuous testing framework that keeps pace with enhancements to the platform in order to facilitate CI/CD - thus enabling rapid agile software development. ONF’s Continuous Certification (CC) Program leverages the ever evolving testing framework for each project, and inserts participant products into the CI/CD/CC pipeline such that the systems are continuously retested and certified on an hourly or daily basis.  When a formal release of the project is declared, all systems currently validated as conformant in the CI/CD/CC pipeline will be documented and published as certified as part of the release package bill-of-materials (BOM).

Currently, the following projects are accepting submissions for the CC Program:

You can view the Continuous Certification Dashboard here

To stay updated on the CC Program, please join the mailing list:

To submit a product for certification in the CC Program: 

  1. Please review the testing specifications for each project you are interested in submitting a product for certification in (links above to each project CC Program page). Please also review the ONF Continuous Certification Program Agreement for terms and costs, and email with any questions. 
  2. Email with the details of the product(s) you would like to submit for testing, to be reviewed by the relevant project TST. Please include best point of contact (name / company / email), product specifications or descriptions, and project(s) you would like it certified in. 
  3. Once approved by the project TST, please fill out, sign and return the ONF Continuous Certification Program Agreement
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