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The ONF serves as the umbrella for a number of projects building solutions by leveraging network dis-aggregation, white box economics, open source software, and software defined standards to revolutionize the carrier industry.

You can find instructions on how to get involved with each Component Project on their respective wiki pages.

  • CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter)
  • Mininet (Instant Virtual Network on Your Laptop)
  • OIMT (Open Information Model and Tooling)
  • OMEC (Open Mobile Evolved Core)
  • ONOS/µONOS (Open Network Operating System/Microservices Open Network Operating System)
  • OTCC (Open Transport Configuration and Control)
  • P4 (Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors)
  • Stratum (Switch operating system for software defined networks)
  • VOLTHA (Virtual Optical Line Termination Hardware Abstraction)
  • XOS/NEM (Everything-as-a-service OS/Network Edge Mediator)

Looking for our Exemplar Platforms? Head over to Exemplar Platforms landing page.

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