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Project Scope

We are seeing more and more marketing need for ONOS and would like to reach out to the community for talent to join us. If you are interested and would like to help in the following areas, please reach out to us.

  • Event Organization

  • Event Project Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Web Design

  • Videograph and Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Communication Writing and Editing

  • Public Relations

  • Market Insights

  • Messaging for ONOS for different Audience

  • ...

Who is in the team?


  • Lillian Withrow (ADARA)

  • Meredith Solberg, (The Linux Foundation)

  • Bill Snow (ON.LAB) 

  • David Boswell (ON.LAB)

  • William Quiviger (ON.LAB)
  • Greg Whelan (Grey whale)

  • Sarah Conway (The Linux Foundation)

  • May Chen (Huawei)

  • Hanna Wilson (ADARA)

  • Carolyn Raab (Corsa)

  • Sarah Anderson (ADARA)

  • Jim Brinksma (Ciena)

  • Kirsten Evans (The Linux Foundation)

Project Calls

ONF Market Brigade

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday, from Wednesday, April 19, 2017, to no end date

9:00 am  |  Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)  |  1 hr


Meeting number (access code): 629 909 003 

Meeting password: 4Meeting

 When it's time, join the meeting

Join by phone  

1-650-479-3207 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)  

Global call-in numbers  

 Notes From the Call
Agenda and Notes

DateNotesMeeting ChairAgenda

Project call merged with Market Area Monthly Meeting 

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday, from Wednesday, April 19, 2017, to no end date

9:00 am  |  Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)  |  1 hr


Join WebEx meeting


Meeting number (access code): 629 909 003   


Meeting password: 4Meeting    


 Join by phone  


1-650-479-3207 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)  


Global call-in numbers  

3/8/2017  May
  1. Review ON.Lab member onboarding email template (David, Meredith)
  2. Promoting community channels (mailing lists and Twitter) more widely(David)

  3. Rewriting and redesigning the ONOS Mission page. (David)

    Draft copy at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16t368cqy5OrJgBWPaN-8GqL86NST5JINjSuKeiqqauY/edit

  4. ONF Marketing news letter collaboration (Cassandra)

  5. ONS marketing activities

2/22/2017  Meeting is cancelled
2/8/2017 MayNote Taker?
  1. Draft Google Doc Area for taking note
  2. Events updates and marketing support discussion
    1) MWC (William)
    2) ONS-mini summit(David)
    3) ONOS Build 2017 plan (William)
  3. PR Update
    1)Draft note to collaborators
    2)Event PR
  4. ONF marketing overview & activities (Jayshree)
  5. ONOS marketing project & ONF marketing working group collaboration
  6. ONOS marketing project & Ambassadors collaboration
1/25/2017Notes From the CallDavidNote Taker?
  1. Draft Google Doc Area for taking note
  2. Discussions about how to promote this marketing call
  3. ONS planning Update
    1. ONLAB
    2. Huawei
    3. AdaraNetworks


Notes From the Call



  1. Note Taker?
    1. Draft Google Doc Area for taking note
  2. ONS Planning Update
  3. MWC
  4. Cross promotion with ONF
  5. Cross Promotion with OPNFV
  6. ONF blog
  7. End of Year Video Done - review and promotion channels
12/14/2016Notes from the CallCharles
  1. Note taker?

  2. Intel Hacker Dojo summary

  3. ONS 2017 Planning updates

  4. Global SDN/NFV Tech Conference summary

  5. Stakeholder audit update

  6. Additional topics?
11/30/2016Notes From the CallEva
  1. Note taker?

  2. Intel hacker dojo event update and what's needed for promoting
    1. wiki page already up
    2. announcement and social media push

  3. ONS 2017 planning Kick off
    1. http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/open-networking-summit

  4. Global SDN/NFV Tech Conference (http://www.bagevent.com/event/229932) on December 7-9 in Beijing.
    1. Booth
    2. ONOS talk
11/16/2016Notes from the callCharles

Note Taker?

  1. ONOS Build recap
  2. TMF blog
  3. Intel's Hacker Dojo event
10/19/2016Notes from the callEva

Note Taker?

 Draft Google Doc Area for taking note

2. Layer 123 recap

3. ONOS Build

4. Openstack : Gluon, Whitepaper to be published on Openstack with ONOS integration

10/5/2016Notes from the callEva
  1. Note Taker?
    1. Draft Google Doc Area for taking notes
  2. Layer 123 Planning
    1. Registration
    2. Booth Design and Banner
    3. Announcements and Booth duty
    4. Membering companies stand status check
    5. Swag
    6. Media list
    7. Social media - graphics, during event posting etc.
  3. ONOS Build
  4. BBWF
  5. PR Updates
    1. Hummingbird
    2. Huawei community spotlight
    3. AC3.0 blog
    4. Dynamic config deployment post
    5. Adara blog post
    6. Others?
9/21/2016 David
  1. ONOS Build
    1. Registration now live
    2. Call for speakers now live
  2. Brigades
    1. Meet the Brigades: Virtualization, Dynamic Configuration, Intent, Deployments and GUI
  1. ONOS Build update and promoting registration form
8/24/2016Notes From CallEva
  1. Identifying a note taker
    1. Draft Google Doc Area for taking notes
  2. Upcoming events
    1. Huawei Connect : http://onosproject.org/2016/08/09/aug-30-sept2-2016-shanghai-onos-training-summit-huawei-connect-2016/
    2. Italy community event
    3. Layer 123
    4. ONOS Build (draft agenda)
    5. Two South America Conf:
      1. http://onosproject.org/2016/08/08/aug-22-26-2016-join-carmelo-for-a-onos-p4-demonstration-acm-sigcomm-2016/
      2. http://onosproject.org/2016/08/18/sept-15th-2016-join-humberto-galiza-conferencia-tical2016/
  3. Feedback from Ambassadors about helping us translate official news items into local languages
  4. Working on ONOS Key Messages doc (ongoing item)
    1. Are we ready to call it a v1?
    2. How do we start using these messages?  For instance, updating the ONOS web site with this new content
  5. Add other items here...

Notes from call


  1. Identifying a note taker –
    1. Google Doc for taking notes
  2. Summary of news from CORD Summit

  3. Strawman plan for ONOS Developer Event

  4. ONOS @ Huawei Connect 2016 Update

  5. Layer 123 Planning Update - Need help discuss white paper promotion topics – whitepaper submission deadline is Sep 23
  6. Working on ONOS Key Messages doc (ongoing item)
    1. Recent edits: Incorporating Greg's suggestion of having just 3 main messages, suggestion to avoid words like 'only' and 'best'
  7. Request to make press releases available in Chinese and other languages
  8. Other upcoming events
  9. Add agenda items here...
7/27/2016Notes From CallWilliam
  1. CORD Twitter account now live at https://twitter.com/ONLab_CORD
  2. Helping promote streaming info for CORD Summit
  3. Updates on ONOS event planning
  4. Request to make press releases available in Chinese and other languages
  5. Working on ONOS Key Messages doc (ongoing item)
  6. Event definition/goal grid
  7. Add agenda items here...
7/13/2016Notes from callDavid
  1. Working on ONOS Key Messages doc (ongoing item)
    1. Greg's proposal to roll up to 3 key messages
  2. Updates to CORD site
  3. Discussion of ONOS site changes in Q3
  4. ONOS Summit
  5. CORD Summit
  6. ONOS 6-18 Month marketing planning & budgeting consideration and draft plan
  7. Huawei Connect 2016 (Aug 31 to Sept 2) - Co-locate a set of ONOS activities
  8. Add agenda items here...
6/29/2016Notes from callMeredith or Sarah
  1. Working on ONOS Key Messages doc (ongoing item)
  2. Next steps with William's ONOS Summit proposal
  3. Next steps with CORD Summit – help us promote it to get more people to RSVP and to let people know about new date of July 29th
  4. First post in Community Spotlight series is now live!
  5. Creating a member distribution list using MailChimp
  6. ONOS/CORD Mini Summit Post Mortem
  7. Add agenda items here...
6/22/2016Notes from callDavid
  1. Collaborative note taking experiment – please help by opening doc at: http://workopen.org/p/onos-marketing-call-notes-june22-2016
  2. CORD marketing items (@ ONLab_CORD, key messages, launch, Summit, etc)
  3. Rebranding @ONLab_ONOS twitter account to make it ONOS specific now that CORD Twitter account has been created
  4. Discussion of ONOS Key Messages doc on wiki
  5. Next steps with William's ONOS Summit proposal
  6. Add agenda items here...
6/15/2016Notes From CallEva
  1. Walk through the marketing messaging methodology - Greg (5 mins)
  2. Review the current state of ONOS messaging and discussion - Mike
  3. Updates on Community Spotlight
  4. Update on OPNFV summit (Eva, William, Meredith)
  5. Review of "Call to Action" paragraph and google doc (Eva, David)
  6. Review of William's ONOS Summit proposal (David)
  7. How to use website discussions (Carolyn)
  8. Shall we rotate the meeting chair person? How about next week's meeting
  9. Google Doc for taking notes
6/8/2016Notes From CallEva
  1. Review draft of ONOS Summit proposal
  2. Discuss how to integrate CORD marketing topics into meeting (for instance, have half of call be for ONOS and half for CORD?)
  3. Picking date for CORD community launch
  4. Starting a Community Spotlight series
  5. Other topics?
6/1/2016Notes from callDavid
  1. Increasing bandwidth for CORD marketing efforts
  2. ONOS Summit planning
5/26/2016Notes from callEva
  1. Introduction of new members
  2. ONOS @OPNFV Summit Update
  3. ONOS at IETF hackthon Preparation
  4. A few other upcoming events
  5. General discussions

Future Meetings


Suggested Ideas:

  • “I love ONOS” T-shirt Twitter Campaign: Ask the community to wear the ONOS T-shirt or Hat and take a picture in front of landmarks all over the world. Then tweet about it and add #ONOSProject @@ONLab_ONOS 

  • Spot ONOS related activities and let us know. (@ONLab_ONOS or send email to Eva & David - we can get it added to the website and boardcast.)

  • Twitter trivia at a conference where ON.Lab has a booth: the idea is to ask a trivia question about ONOS/CORD on our twitter account and contestants answer on their twitter account and use two hashtags (eg. #ONLab_ONOS #ONOScontest) that way we educate people about the project, we promote our hashtag and we can track contestants’ answers. We then randomly pick a winner for each question and ask them to come to our booth to pick up their prize.

  • ... 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events can be found here, if you or anyone will be attending and evangelize ONOS, please also let us know. If you have some ideas or want to host ONOS activities during these events, we’d love to hear about them and work together on making them happen!

Contact Info

Any suggestions / questions / comments please post to the community-team mailing list or reach out to project leads: Eva Lu eva@onlab.us & David Boswell david@onlab.us


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