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Welcome to the ONF Ambassador Program!


ONF Ambassador Program logoThe ONF Ambassador Program empowers anyone knowledgeable and passionate about ONF projects and initiative to promote these in their part of the world. The program provides a simple framework and tools to help organize or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, and support a local developer community. When joining the program, an Ambassador agrees to take on some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Represent ONF and its initiatives in his/her region;

  • Promote ONF projects and its mission;

  • Inspirerecruit, and support new contributors;

  • Document clearly all his/her activities for the benefit of the broader community.

Open and Community-driven

The program is run by Ambassadors for Ambassadors and is open to anyone who is:

  • Knowledgeable about the ONF projects and networking technology in general;
  • Passionate about the ONF projects;

  • Keen to engage with and inspire new people to contribute to the ONF projects.

Although anyone can apply to join the program, each application is carefully reviewed by the Ambassador Program Steering Team (aka the A-team) and each applicant must pass an interview before becoming an Ambassador. 

Knowledge and Prerequisites

As stated above, Ambassadors must be knowledgeable of at least one ONF project and networking technology in general. The Ambassador Program is NOT a stepping stone into the ONF Community or SDN/NFV world, but rather a program to empower existing community members.

If you are new to ONF and/or to SDN/NFV, we recommend you first join one of the ONF communities and start contributing to some of the ONF projects. You can find more information from the ONF website or the Getting Started page.

Application Process

If you feel that you want to represent and promote ONF, its mission, and projects in your region, and inspire, recruit, and support new contributors, please apply here to become an ONF Ambassador. After your application is reviewed and approved, an A-team member will get in touch with you to set up a short video interview. The interview will last about 15-30 minutes and you will be asked questions based on your answers in the application. Once you are accepted into the Ambassador Program, you will be assigned a mentor who will introduce you to the group and the community, and get you familiar with the tools and resources at your disposal to get you started. 

Your Ambassador Profile

Once you are accepted to the program, you'd need to create your Ambassador Profile. These profiles are displayed on the Ambassador Program webpage.

  • To create your Ambassador Profile for the first time, please use this form.
  • To edit/modify your Ambassador Profile, please use this form.

Please only use the above forms AFTER you have been accepted to the program and instructed to do so.

Ambassador Program Team Meetings

The team meetings take place via zoom every first Wednesday of the month at 8am Pacific time (notice the daylight savings time as well).  You can add this meeting to your calendar.

Direct zoom link:

Tools and Resources

To help Ambassadors run activities and initiatives to grow their local communities, a special set of tools and resources are at their disposal. Find out more about tools and resources.

Find an Ambassador Near You

You can browse the Ambassador Directory and search for your country or city, or the expertise area.

Structure and Governance

The Ambassador Program is a community-driven program that empowers individuals around the world. It is managed by the Ambassadors (volunteers and paid staff) for the Ambassadors. The program's organizational structure ensures that the program runs efficiently, transparently, and in a collaborative way. Learn more about the governance of the program.

Have More Questions?

You can find a simple FAQ for answers to questions about the program. 


If you have a specific question about the Ambassador Program or you simply want to share an idea, please contact the Ambassador Program Steering Team by sending an email to

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