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To kick-off your participation as an Ambassador, the A-team recommends some simple but important activities within the first three months of you starting.

1) Attend at least three ONF project conference calls a month

Obviously the first call which you should participate and engage is the Monthly Ambassadors call.

Also both the ONOS and CORD projects have different calls to which you can join and contribute with your ideas and thoughts, which will be much appreciated.



General calls.

  • Marketing Calls

  • Events

You can find all these call and their details in the public ONOS and CORD calendars at these links:

At the end of each month you will have to report to your Mentor which calls you attended with a brief recap of your thoughts around the topics, attendance and general feel you had about it.

2) Attend an industry event or conference as an ONF Ambassador

This is an opportunity for you to showcase ONOS and CORD at an event where an ONF presence would be important. This conference can be one for which ONF received an invite or one where you submitted a talk,demo,tutorial proposal around ONOS/CORD and was accepted.

We have an event spreadsheet where events ONF plans to attend and their relative priorities are listed. You can take a look there and ask your mentor to assign you to one so you can go and participate as an ONOS and CORD ambassador.

If you have submitted a talk or proposal around ONOS and CORD or plan to do so for a conference just reach out to your mentor pitching your idea and proposal, discuss with him the value of going to this conference and what benefit it could bring to the ONOS and CORD project. You and your mentor will make the final decision if it’s valuable to go.

As it is your first time attending a conference as an ONOS ambassador choosing one where other people from ONF or ambassadors are going would be very helpful also to meet other members of the community and learn from them.

After you choose a conference or you get one assigned you will make a budget request so your expenses will be covered.

After the event a report regarding the activities, people present, feedback gained and overall thoughts and consideration needs to be submitted. You can find an example here.

3) Organise a local ONF-related event

This is an opportunity for you to spread the word around ONOS and CORD in your local community, university or company. This doesn’t have to be a big event with hundreds of participants.

Some examples of a local event are:

  • Local SDN meetup with 20 people.

  • Lecture on ONOS/CORD/ONF at your university

  • Technical or introductory talk in a recurring series of talks at your company.

We have an Event Guide to help you organize such an event. This focuses mainly on the idea of a local SDN meetup. We encourage you to organize these events also with other Ambassadors that are in your area.

In general this task is very simple: have an awesome idea, pitch it to your mentor, discuss it with him and just do it. You Mentor will also help you create any content you need for the event and guide you through every step of the organization.

As per attending a conference this event will be funded by onlab, so you should submit a budget request proposal as explained here and here.

After the event a report regarding the activities, people present, feedback gained and overall thoughts and consideration needs to be submitted. You can find an example here

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