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Aether™ is ONF’s new Enterprise-5G/LTE-Edge-Cloud-as-a-Service system. Aether provides mobile connectivity and edge cloud services for distributed enterprise networks, all provisioned and managed from a centralized cloud.  Based on open source components and optimized for cloud deployments, it is easy to deploy, highly scalable, and designed for rapid new service onboarding in a multi-cloud environment. Aether is a highly flexible system that empowers various business models around private 5G/LTE enterprise networks that may involve, in addition to enterprises, one or more of the following: network operators, public cloud operators, vendors, system integrators, and new market entrants.

Technical Steering Team (TST)

The Technical Steering Team is the group of people responsible for the technical direction of the project. As of April 2023, the Aether TST consists of the following members:

TST responsibilities

  • Strategic technical guidance
  • Technical decisions when needed by the community. In general, technical decisions are made regularly in the community channels by lazy consensus. If there is a need for a more formal decision the TST is responsible for making the decision.
  • Approving committer/merge rights for code contributors
  • Review collaboration proposals
  • Create project teams or working groups as needed

TST Elections

Next Election Dates


Voting eligibility

First, make sure you are on the voting list. All contributors (code, tests, documentation, leadership) to the Aether project to date are eligible to vote. If you are not on the list but feel you should be, send a note to Michelle Roth <> with your name, email, and reason for being included.

Communication Channels

Mailing List

Slack Channel

Community/Project Meetings

NOTE: these meetings are public and open to anyone to join. They are also recorded and posted to Youtube. 

Participate & Contribute

Contributor Guidelines

The Aether Contributor Guidelines contain information on contributing to Aether, as well as the list of Aether Core Contributors.


To contribute to Aether, both individuals and companies are required to submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  

Jira Board




To test it out you can try out the comac-in-a-box option.

You can try running the comac in a box on a Cloudlab server :


We expect all ONF employees, member companies, and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify a member of the ONF team or email

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