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MWC Sponsor Summary

Kick-off Call Recording

M-CORD Demo Architecture at Barcelona

Weekly Meeting Slides

February 14, 2018

February 7, 2018

January 31, 2018

January 24, 2018

January 17, 2018

January 10, 2018

January 3, 2018

December 27, 2017

December 20, 2017

Meeting Schedule 


M-CORD MWC Demo - ONAP Integration Meeting
Fri, Feb 2, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (224) 501-3316

Access Code: 221-049-493


MWC Demos 
Wed, Feb 7, 2018 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (571) 317-3116

Access Code: 808-791-573


Stay in Touch

Sponsors & Key Contacts can be reached at

Email to be added to the above list. 


 Gold Sponsors



M-CORD Showcase (ONF Booth #5I61)

Sponsorship Package Details:

Centralized M-CORD Innovation Pavilion (GOLD)

Shared booth with 6 kiosks (36 sq.m)

Participants get presentation station to feature their contributions

Centralized CORD POD hardware

Meeting space to promote community collaboration 

Attendee passes: 12 per sponsor

Event Info & Logistics: 

Book your Accommodation ASAP:

Online Event Manual:

Visa Information:


See the locations and tables below for access information to Mobile World Congress. All pass types except the Exhibition Visitor Pass (EVP) have Extended Hours Access, which allows your staff and contractors to enter the venue and Exhibition area during both build/ dismantle periods and outside of the general opening hours. Please ensure you choose the correct pass type to include Extended Hours Access if your staff or contractors need to enter the venue during those times.

Exhibition Areas (Halls 5, 6, 7, 8.0 & 8.1)

Note: The below opening hours also apply to meeting rooms located inside these halls

DateExhibitors (Pass with Extended Hours Access)Visitors (EVP)
Saturday 24 February08:00 - 21:00N/A
Sunday 25 February08:00 - 21:00N/A
Monday 26 February07:00 - 20:0009:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 27 February07:00 - 20:0009:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 28 February07:00 - 20:0009:00 - 19:00
Thursday 1 March07:00 - 22:0009:00 - 16:00


IMPORTANT: Dismantling of stands starts from Friday the 2 of March 08:00. The evening of Thursday 1 of March is only for the removal of valuable items and hand carriables. No construction work is allowed on Thursday 1 of March.

Thursday 1 March18:00 - 22:00This time is only for the removal of valuable equipment.
Friday 2 March08:00 - 21:00 
Saturday 3 March08:00 - 21:00 
Sunday 4 March08:00 - 21:00 
Monday 5 March08:00 - 21:00 
Tuesday 6 March08:00 - 21:00 

Shipping & Freight


Please read the information below carefully, concerning logistics at Mobile World Congress and Spanish customs regulations in order to ensure the smooth delivery of items to your stand.

Official Supplier for Freight and Shipping
Contact: Roger Bowman     
Tel: +44 1732885131
Fax: +44 1732886689  


Official Supplier for On Site Handling 
Contact: Jorge Reina
Tel: +34 932334743
Fax: +34 932631894

Exhibition Freighting GSM Ltd and RESA Expo Logistic (working in partnership) have been appointed as the sole official freight forwarder and on-site handling contractor for Mobile World Congress 2018.


We would like to make all exhibitors and contractors aware that during MWC18, GSMA will enforce a ‘no vehicle movement’ and ‘no working at height’ policy during Sunday 25 February.  This is in order to ensure a safe working environment the day before the show opens to attendees, while there are a considerable amount of exhibitor staff present in the halls.

On Sunday 25 February, the use of hard hats and high visibility vests is still recommended to anyone that needs access to the site, but is not compulsory for entry as is required during the rest of the build-up period.

The following activities must be finished by 21:00 on Saturday 24 February: 

  • Deliveries of goods / shipments
  • Collection of empty storage & boxes
  • Collection of toolboxes
  • Movement of Forklifts, Cherry pickers, Cranes, movable platforms
  • Placement of heavy exhibits
  • Rigging
  • Securing of safety chains
  • Adjustments in height of rigged elements
  • Working on stepladders or other elevation tools

None of these activities are allowed on Sunday 25 February. Any rented equipment will be removed from the booth on Saturday 24 February.

A surcharge shall be imposed on any vehicle or machinery movement carried out on Sunday 25 February, this includes delivery of shipments and collection of empty cases on Sunday 25 February only. This is to ensure that the environment surrounding the activity is kept safe.

Surcharges added to the General tariff for any work carried out on Sunday 25 February will be as follows:

  • Delivery to stand = 95€ per m3 (min 2m3)
  • Removal of empty cases = 35€ per m3 (min 2m3)


Your shipments should arrive at Barcelona airport (BCN) no later than 7 working days before desired delivery to stand complete with: 

  • Copy of Invoice / Packing List
  • Copy of Airway bill / Flight Details
  • Freight Forwarding Services Form
    • You will need to submit the Freight Forwarding Services form through the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual.
    • Once you complete the form you can print it out using the top right icon 'Print this page'

Please send this to the following address:


Consignee Address: 
For Mobile World Congress
Exhibitor name / Stand no.
C/Botánica, Entrada 4 - Fira Gran Via
08908 – Barcelona

Shipping Department
Tel +34 932334758
Note: Please send your shipment prepaid, on its own master airway bill, consigned to above mentioned address. 3 original customs invoices should be attached to the airway bill.

Please send us a copy of the airway bill, customs invoice and service order form at least two days before arrival in Barcelona by email or fax: + 44 1732886689 /


Your shipments should arrive at Barcelona port (BCN) no later than 10 working days before desired delivery to stand complete with: 
  • Copy of invoice / Packing list
  • Freight Forwarding Services Form
    • You will need to submit the Freight Forwarding Services form through the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual. 
    • Once you complete the form you can print it out using the top right icon 'Print this page'

Please send this to the following address:
Consignee Address: 
For Mobile World Congress 
Exhibitor name / Stand no. 
C/Botánica, Entrada 4 - Fira Gran Via 
08908 – Barcelona 

Shipping Department 
Tel +34 932334758 
Please send your shipments prepaid, on its own Ocean Bill of Lading, consigned to above mentioned address. 3 original customs Invoices should be attached to the bill of lading. 

Please send to us a copy of the Bill of lading , customs invoice and service order form at least two days before arrival in Barcelona by email or fax: +44 (0) 1732 886689 /


Please note that, due to security reasons, all shipments must be delivered to the advance receiving warehouse, since direct deliveries to the venue are not allowed ( with the exception of full trucks of stand material arriving at the venue straight from the customer premises). Same applies to the outward movement, shipments must be collected from the warehouse, since direct collections from the venue are not allowed. Shipments should arrive at our onsite warehouse no later than: 3 Working days before delivery to stand.

Warehouse Address: 
For Mobile World Congress  
Exhibitor / Stand no. 
Hall 2, Fira Montjuic Entrada 2 
Avenida Rius i Taulet 2/4 
Barcelona 08004 

Road freight Department 
Tel +34 932334110

Forwarding and Services Order Form and Trucking details / CMR must be sent prior to arrival to


Should arrive directly at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, in accordance with the official Build-Up Dates and Times. The access of vehicles to the venue is restricted, please read carefully the vehicle access section below. Please note, only full trucks of stand material arriving at the venue straight from the customer premises are to be unloaded direct at the Mobile World Congress, all shipments and Groupage cargo must be sent to the Advance warehouse. Same applies to the collection from the venue. 
Truck Waiting Area:
Sot del Migdia – Truck Waiting Area
Carrer del Foc, s/n
E – 08004 Barcelona Spain 
Notify: MWC / Exhibitors Name
Hall / Stand Number
Vehicle access: 
All incoming vehicles to the venue must register at the truck waiting area called  Sot del Migdia, next to the exhibition area. Vehicles will wait until space is cleared at the offloading/reloading areas. Vehicles cannot stay more than 2 hours inside the venue for each handling operation. Should you need further information on how to get to the truck waiting area, please click here for EF-GSM / Resa Locations map.
VERY IMPORTANT: Trucks over 4 loading metres capacity (over van size) must also book a time slot before arriving at the truck waiting area. Please use the Truck Scheduling form in the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual to book the time slot for your truck. You will be issued with a Booking Number which must be produced at the time of arrival. 

To avoid long waiting times for your truck, please book your offloading / reloading slot beforehand through the Handling Form. Time slots will be given on the basis of “first come, first served”, therefore we strongly recommend you book your truck time slot as soon as possible!!
For security reasons, each driver must have a delivery or collection order on hand including the following information:
  • Hall and Stand number
  • Exhibitor name and Contact person
Drivers without the delivery information might NOT be allowed access to the venue.


Documentation required for Customs Clearance:
For shipments outside of the EU, the following documents are required: 


  • 3 Originals of Pro-forma Invoice / Packing List in English, showing: No. of units / weights / sizes / total no. of boxes / values / full description of items in English, including serial number, model and customs code number. (Brussels nomenclature). Please note that values declared on Commercial Invoices must be realistic commercial values
  • Please issue separate Invoices for Temporary Importation (exhibits) and Permanent Importation (consumables & advertising material). Also temporary & permanent materials must be packed separately in different boxes
  • Please state on the invoice: “Samples not for sale, value for statistical purposes”. You can use this Pro-forma Invoice Sample for this purpose. Goods must have a realistic CIF value for customs.

Invoices must be addressed to: 
For Mobile World Congress 2018 
Name of Exhibitor / Hall & Booth No. 
Recinto Ferial Gran Via, Entrada No. 1 
E – 08908 Hospitalet (Barcelona)

If necessary: Certificate of Origin (Form A / EUR.1)

Temporary entries (goods returning to origin after the show):
  • All exhibits / material entered under temporary importation are subject to control and examination by Spanish customs for Inward and Outward movements
  • Goods under temporary bond cannot be sold during the show; any sale operation must be reported to Spanish Customs Authorities otherwise heavy penalties might incur. Please contact EF-GSM staff in advance if you intend to sell any temporary goods
  • Permanent entries (goods consumed during the show): We can clear on definitive basis, consumable materials such as brochures, giveaways and other promotional materials
  • All items cleared as temporary import can only return with EF-GSM / Resa back to destination airport / port. Items cannot be handed over to any 3rd party
Restricted Products:
The following products are restricted and need special requirements and health certificates.  
We recommend you do not ship these items: 
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Foodstuff or beverages (candies for giveaways are also considered foodstuff by customs)
  • Creams for skin use
Please also note, textiles arriving from China are restricted for importation into Spain and require a certificate of origin.


Please note that, due to security reasons, all courier shipments must be delivered to the advance receiving warehouse, since direct deliveries to the venue are not allowed. Couriers should arrive at our onsite warehouse no later than 3 working days before requested delivery date to booth. Same applies for the outbound movement, collections are to be made from the advance warehouse and documents need to be completed with the EF Hall manager in your hall.
Note: the charge for the receipt and delivery of a courier shipment will be 95€ per m 3 (cubic meter). Minimum of 190€ per shipment. If customs clearance is required, please contact EF-GSM Ltd for clearance tariffs. For any delivery made on Sunday 25 February only, the charge will be 380€ per shipment or 190€ per m 3 (Min 2m 3). Find out more at the section called "Important Information - Sunday 25 February"
Courier Delivery Address (from 12 – 22 February 2018) 
For Mobile World Congress 2018 
Exhibitor... / Stand no... 
Hall 2, Fira Montjuic
Avenida Rius Taulet 2/4 
Barcelona 08004 

Courier Department 
Tel. +34 932334110 

Correct address and labelling: 
It is very important to mention on the transport documents and in the labels the delivery information at the venue (Name of Exhibitor, Stand and Hall No.). Shipments without proper delivery information at the venue will not be delivered and will remain at our warehouse until the exhibitor requests them (claims for delayed deliveries of unmarked shipments will not be accepted if shipments are not correctly labelled). Please use the MWC Shipping Label (here) for this purpose. 

Track & Trace information: 
We recommend to have the tracking number (assigned by the courier company) on hand at the exhibition. This will make easier to locate your shipment. 

It is imperative to send us a pre advice of your shipment immediately once it has been sent to ; Fax +44 1732 886689. Payment must be made prior to release of the shipment on site at EF-GSM Central Office in Hall 2. 

Spanish customs formalities: 
Please be aware that courier shipments above a certain weight (approx. 10Kgs) and value (40 $) cannot be cleared automatically by the courier companies and require a Spanish importer of record. If EF-GSM Ltd / RESA are to act as importer of record on your behalf, then there will be an additional charge of 125.00€, therefore a pro-forma invoice must travel with the goods for the import formalities. Please read the Customs Clearance section for more information.


We kindly ask you to use safe and strong packing material which is strong enough to be re-used after the show. All your packages should be clearly marked as follows:
  • Name of Exhibitor 
  • Mobile World Congress 2018
  • Hall and Stand number
  • BOX 1 of…. / 2 of … / 3 of … etc.
Please use the MWC Shipping Label for this purpose.


EF-GSM / RESA will remove, store and return all empty cases at the event. Please click here for further information.
Please note that we will only begin to return empty cases after the event once the halls are safe to do so and main aisle carpets have been lifted. Exhibit cases will be given priority, however this process will not start until at least 3 hours after the closure of the show and will continue throughout the night. Please note this when planning your return travel.
For any empty cases removed on Sunday 25 February from the floor a surcharge of 35€ per m3 (Min 2m3) will apply.



We strongly recommend that all exhibitors arrange Insurance coverage to include transit to and from the exhibition whilst on display and in storage. Please note that EF-GSM Limited do not insure automatically unless asked to do so in writing. Please note that it is the exhibitors’ responsibility to ensure that if goods are left on the stand, adequate security measures are taken to ensure the security of such items. EF-GSM Limited / RESA are not liable for any losses, theft or pilferage.

Late Arrival Surcharges

Any shipments arriving after our deadlines that require Customs clearance will be subject to a late arrival surcharge of 30% on our Official Forwarding and handling tariff.
World Wide Network 
Our recommended agent in your country is specialised on exhibition freight forwarding, offering you a professional advice on the preparation of your shipment. Through the “DOOR TO STAND” service, you will get an all-in package that covers all the steps from your domicile to the venue and vice versa until your items are returned back after the event. The list of our agents worldwide is available on request. 

Return Shipments and On-Site Return Instructions 
Exhibitors are requested to visit the EF-GSM Office in your Hall to complete the return instruction, where we will provide the necessary labels. Please click here for EF-GSM / Resa Locations map. It is important to note that if this is not done we will deem the exhibitor to have no returns and will not collect any shipment off the stand. If you have not shipped through EF-GSM and require a return shipment, please visit the EF / RESA office in your Hall for labels and documents. All return instructions are to be completed by no later than Midday on Thursday 1 March 2018

EF-GSM / Resa Locations
EF-GSM Ltd and Resa will have Hall managers in each Hall, all exhibitors are requested to visit the EF / Resa Hall managers in their Hall to receive return shipping information, return labels and for any shipping enquiries. 
Please click here for EF-GSM / Resa Locations map.


Please note following methods of payment accepted:
  • Bank Transfer: Please note our bank details for bank transfers. Please provide a copy of the Transfer Statement.


EF-GSM Ltd account details
Exhibition Freighting GSM Ltd
Swift Code: MIDLGB22
Sort Code: 40 05 15
Account Number: 580 456 34
IBAN: GB82 MIDL 4005 1558 0456 34


RESA Expo Logistic account Details
Avenida Madrid, 188
08028 Barcelona
Account: 0081 0557 1900 0102 9711
IBAN: ES17 0081 0557 1900 0102 9711


  • Credit Card: We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express
  • Cash: All major currencies accepted


  • All work undertaken is subject to the Spanish Forwarders terms and conditions CMR, latest edition, BIFA trading terms and conditions latest edition and the EF-GSM / RESA liability policy, in conjunction with the conditions and rates for trade fair transportation
  • The liability of EF-GSM / RESA ceases with delivery and commences with collection of freight at the exhibition stand; it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure the security of material until collected from the stand by EF-GSM / RESA
  • No Unauthorised Credit will be accepted. Our invoices will be due immediately after issuance without any further notice. Customers not known to us or with whom we have not agreed any terms of payment, will be asked to pay our expenses before the event starts or on-site during the event and before return shipping of their exhibits

For all freight forwarding, courier, international shipping queries please contact: 

Unit 5 Station Court
Station Approach
Borough Green
Kent, TN15 8AD, United Kingdom

Contact: Roger Bowman / Dave Bennett
Tel: +44 1732 885131
Fax: +44 1732 886689

For all direct to site deliveries, on site handling and equipment provision queries please contact:

Contact: Jorge Reina / Pablo Martinez 
Telephone: +34 932334743 
Fax: +34 932631894 

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